CareMore Health Care Centers Focus on You

The CareMore Health Care Centers can help you spend time living well instead of just getting better. They know the challenges seniors and people with disabilities face. Your local Care Center staff will give you the personal attention you deserve and listen to what you need.

Through the Care Centers you can get:

  • A care plan created just for you
  • Support and education on managing your condition and living safe and healthy
  • Health screenings to identify potential issues early on and keep more serious problems from happening
  • A comprehensive health assessment

The CareMore Health Care Centers help you stay where you want to be, out of the hospital and in your own home and community. Contact us to find a location near you!

Understanding Your Needs

The CareMore Health Care Centers were designed to help you get the most out of your visits.

  • Accessible exam tables
  • Low-glare counters, floors, walls and window coverings
  • Static-resistant carpet to help your hearing aids and other devices work better
  • Comfortable chairs that do not tip easily
  • Doors that are lighter weight and easier to open.


*Other Providers are available in our network.